Tips to Help You Choose the Best Siding Color for Your Home

Upgrading your siding can transform your home’s appearance and make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Empire Contractors LLC can install high-quality siding that comes in many colors and designs. We have enough options to enhance any kind of home. To help you choose the best siding for your home, we’ll provide you with a few tips:

Siding Color

  • Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style and Era - For best results, your siding needs to fit your home’s architectural design. We suggest looking at homes with designs that are similar to yours for inspiration. You can drive around your neighborhood or browse magazines and photo galleries. You can also research historically appropriate colors and siding patterns.

  • Make Sure to Choose Three or More Different Shades - An exterior color scheme has a trim color, dominant field color, and accent color. As a siding and gutters expert, we recommend choosing all three colors when you replace your siding. Here are a few tips. The accent color is your chance to use bold and dynamic colors. Your trim color needs to contrast the dominant field color. The dominant field color needs to match with the rest of the home.

  • Consider Your Home’s Exterior Elements - During a siding replacement project, your stonework, roof shingles, pathways, and driveways won’t change. You need to take their colors and design into account when choosing your siding. We suggest observing their undertones to see if their colors feel warm or cool. Use that information when creating your exterior color scheme.

In addition to our siding options, we also install beautiful and durable roofing products. Empire Contractors is an award-winning company that focuses on superior work and great customer service. We listen to our customers, and we do our best to exceed their expectations during the project. We serve many areas including Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding communities. Call us at (513) 244-2200 to learn more about creating a beautiful home exterior.


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