By the time you read this, spring will be upon us, which means it’s time to freshen up your home. There’s never a better season to get some home improvements done to update your home’s exterior. Here are some of our recommended projects:

5 Exterior Home Improvements You Should Do This Spring

  1. Roof Replacement – If you’re starting to experience problems with your roofing – leaks, heat loss, damage – then it’s about time you have your roof replaced this spring. A new and efficient roof doesn’t just protect you from rain and snow; it also helps minimize the heat absorbed through the attic and keep your home comfortable – and will continue doing so for years down the line.

  2. Roof Maintenance and Repairs – Perhaps your roof isn’t up for replacement yet, but you should have it professionally inspected if you haven’t done so in the past five years. Roof inspections are best done during spring, when the season is milder and contractors aren’t as busy. Regular maintenance lets you find potential roofing problems and have them addressed in their infancy, which will cost far less than waiting for leaks to show and having those fixed.

  3. Siding Replacement – New siding can significantly improve your exterior. Consider giving your exterior a new makeover by choosing a different color that complements your roof. Also, vinyl and fiber cement siding have factory-applied colors that require no repainting during their lifespan, and only need a garden hose to keep clean.

  4. Replacement Windows and Patio Doors – If you noticed an increase in your energy bills last winter, then your old windows may be to blame. Inefficient windows allow heat to escape during cold days, increasing your indoor heating requirements, which will result in high energy bills. Upgrading to energy-efficient replacement windows and patio doors can help reduce your energy consumption.

  5. Gutter Repairs or Replacement – Your gutters protect your home from the harmful effects of pooling water around the house foundations, so keeping them in good condition this spring is beneficial all year round. In addition to having your gutters cleaned, maintained and repaired, consider investing in a reliable gutter protection system like Leaf Relief, which keeps all solid matter like leaves and debris out of your gutters, ensuring free-flowing gutters every time it rains.

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