Home Improvement Projects That Boost Curb Appeal

When you’re planning to do a home improvement, you need to consider its potential effect on your house’s curb appeal and frontage, too. There are some that add more value to your home than others, and these are the projects that you should prioritize. Empire Contractors, LLC discusses these home improvement projects in detail.

Home Improvement

Repair or Replace your Roofing

Your roofing actually contributes to around 40% of your home’s frontage and overall curb appeal. Its general appearance is dependent on its physical state, so if your roofing is in disrepair, your frontage isn’t going to look good.

The state of the roofing is a bit deceptive, so have our team do a professional inspection on your roof. We’ll help you determine the actual physical state of your roof and offer the best solutions to not only boost its visual appearance but reinforce its structural integrity as well.

Invest in Good Siding

Your home’s exterior walls contribute to the remaining percentage of your potential curb appeal. For many homeowners, exterior paint remains the only option. We highly recommend installing siding, however, instead of repainting your homes. Unlike paint, siding has a longer lifespan and has better elemental resistance. So while it does have a higher upfront cost, it’s a one-time thing as the siding we install is engineered to look good and last a long time.

Roofing Additions

You can boost your home’s curb appeal even if it isn’t a large scale project. In fact, small home additions can significantly bolster your frontage - especially when they’re designed to protect your home. Roof flashings, for example, are great additions since they boost your roof’s water resistance.

We also recommend installing gutters in your home if you haven’t already. While many claim that these are auxiliary home additions, they are actually very important since they protect your home’s exterior walls and foundation from water damage.

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