A Maintenance Mindset: Tips on Handling Tenant Requests

Property management is more than just ensuring the building is maintained. Since property managers are the ones directly handling tenants’ requests and complaints, it’s also about addressing the daily needs of residents. Juggling these two difficult tasks can be tricky, which is why property managers need to adopt a specific mindset to address tenant needs. Always Take Into Account Residents’ Needs Tenants are essentially the building owner’s customers, after all, so it’s important to adopt a hands-on approach when it comes to responding to their needs and requests. We’ve listed below a few tips to help you make sure residents remain satisfied: 
  1. Respond to customer concerns as quickly as possible - Quick response times not only increase tenant satisfaction levels, but also helps improve profitability. Aside from the fact happy tenants are more likely to remain for a longer time, quick response times are a sign that the property manager cares, which in turn may encourage tenants to take better care of their property, possibly reducing maintenance costs. 
  2. Go beyond the minimum - Residents expect their property to be safe and comfortable so maintenance shouldn’t be reactive, only carried out to fix issues when they appear. Rather, it should be aimed at improving the building’s livability. In that sense, aside from routine maintenance tasks, it’d be a good idea to schedule some building improvement projects, such as a few remodeling projects or the application of commercial roof coatings that can help extend the roof’s lifespan.
Provide a Safe and Stable Living Environment  At the end of the day, what tenants are looking for is a safe, attractive and stable living environment, which the property manager has the job of providing.  Empire Contractors LLC, an A-plus rated company with the Better Business Bureau with nearly two decades’ worth of experience, offers a wide range of commercial and residential roofing services. To get a free inspection, call us at (513) 244-2200, or fill out our form here. We serve homeowners in Cincinnati, OH, as well as the surrounding communities. 


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