Free Roof Deals and Why They Should Be Avoided

Because roof replacement can easily cost several thousand dollars, it’s just normal for homeowners to look for ways to bring down the price. One of the most tempting options that you might come across is a “free roof” deal offered by some contractors but we recommend avoiding it at all costs. To help you understand better, our roofing experts give you a rundown on this particular scam.

Free roofing deals

Free Roof Deals in a Nutshell

Free roof deals operate on the fact that your roofing insurance can cover for the majority of your roof’s replacement. Because insurance claims will still have a deductible (the amount of cash that must be paid out-of-pocket by the homeowner), it could be a hassle for some people. Contractors offering free roof deals will tempt you by claiming that they will handle the deductible part.

Why Is This a Scam?

At first glance, free roof deals seem like a convenient option. However, it is actually a serious violation of insurance laws. According to our roofing and siding experts, it’s illegal for contractors to waive the deductible just so you can avoid paying for it. Second, contractors offering free roof deals tend to over-inflate their estimates so they can get more money out of your insurance provider.

What Could Happen To Me?

What makes these free roof deals terrible is that they not only take the money without giving you a proper roof over your home but also put you at risk of facing serious legal actions. Depending on where you live, state sanctions could range from steep penalties to even prison time. Last but not least, you will also have a more difficult time signing up for other types of insurance in the future.

Trust Only Local Contractors

If you want to steer clear of these scams, your best bet is to limit your hiring options to reputable roofing contractors. Aside from having complete certification and valid business addresses, local roofing contractors can provide you the right shingles, gutters and other roofing components that will best suit your specific needs without resorting to shady practices.

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