Why You Should Think Twice About Low Roofing Bids

A low roofing bid can sound attractive at first. However, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In today’s post, the local roofers at Empire Contractors LLC discuss why low roofing bids should make you think twice.

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The Contractor Might Focus on Fitting the Project Into Your Budget

One of the first things your roofing contractor should not ask is your budget, because the consultation will likely be centered on whether or not the options will work with it. A roofing consultation should begin with finding the ideal roof, then work out options that will ultimately work with your budget while meeting your requirements. Given the number of financing options available, you should have some wiggle room if the project cost is higher than your prepared budget.

You’ll Probably Get Low-Quality Materials

You’re probably wondering how roofing contractors come up with the figures on their estimates. An estimate for residential roofing services should have a bill of materials, which is essentially a sheet that breaks down every component that will be used for the project, from the main roofing materials (standing seam metal, asphalt shingles, slate or tile) down to the type of fasteners. 

When reviewing a quote or estimate, pay attention to the bill of materials. Unscrupulous contractors will cut corners by substituting low-quality materials in their estimate to come up with a low bid, hoping that the homeowner won’t notice. This means you have to make sure that the materials that you have discussed with the contractor, complete with the brand, style and color, should be clearly indicated in the documentation. 

You Might Not Get the Best Warranties

Roofing manufacturers offer roofing warranties with different levels of coverage. Unscrupulous contractors may include the most basic warranty level to keep the estimated cost at its lowest. While most, if not all warranties provide sufficient material coverage, you might miss out on workmanship warranties, or coverage for costs associated with repair and replacement such as tear-off and disposal.

Ultimately, you should allow a bit of skepticism when you receive a low bid. Scrutinize the terms and conditions, ask how the contractor came up with their figures, and ask for corrections in case the figures were due to incorrect input.

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