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December 2020
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about siding? For most people, it’s the curb appeal that it adds to a property. Understandable, since siding covers a huge part of your home’s exterior. What many fail to realize is that siding also has a significant impact on the interior.  Empire Contractors LLC, one of the leading providers of residential and commercial roof coatings in the region, shares some insights on how siding makes your indoor spaces safe and more co...
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October 2020
The wind blowing on the roof of your home isn’t something to be worried about, especially if it’s built by trusted professionals such as the local roofers at Empire Contractors LLC. However, there are extreme weather events that make wind a force so strong that it can severely damage most modern roofing systems.  To understand how wind can damage your home’s roof, here’s what you need to know: Direct and Indirect Damage  Wind damage can be broken down into direct and indirect types. Dir...
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August 2020
Do you need something on your roof fixed or replaced? If you answered yes, then we recommend getting in touch with GAF Master Elite® local roofers like us. Why should you be so specific about picking a Master Elite roofer? Our team of experts has the answers. Master Elite Roofers Boast Superior Workmanship A roof built by a Master Elite roofer is superior to one built by a regular roofer. This is because every Master Elite roofer has to go through a series of training in order to ...
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April 2020
Extreme weather conditions and other natural disasters are unavoidable, especially considering the volatile climate we are experiencing. Because of this, the risk of damage to our homes is increasing as well. As a homeowner, it is important to consult your insurance company or contractor to get the monetary help you need and prevent you from spending unnecessarily from your own pocket to fix damages after a heavy storm. However, to navigate the process can be confusing and often time-consuming. ...
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January 2020
Standing seam metal roofs have become more popular as more and more homeowners have embraced the green trend. A standard standing seam metal roof is a great eco-friendly roofing choice as it’s usually made up of 35% to 95% recycled material and is completely recyclable. However, more than just being more environmentally friendly, a standing seam metal roof would be a great addition to any home because of its durability. Why is a standing seam metal roofing system more durable than a...
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March 2019
Claiming the insurance for your roof that’s been damaged by things beyond your control (like a storm) can either be very easy or very hard depending on your contractor. There are lots of factors that will influence your insurance company's decision. In today’s post, Empire Contractors LLC, your trusted roofing contractor, walks you through what to expect in a typical roofing insurance claim:Documentation Is KingAfter you file a claim, your insurance company will usually send an inspector to ve...
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January 2019
It's vital to get your roofing checked regularly. That’s because failing to do so might result in the requirement of repairs later on that might be more expensive than you’d expect. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance can make it easier to keep an eye on potential issues early. What should you, however, keep an eye on? Empire Contractors LLC discusses more. Damage Due to Leaves and Branches Overhanging branches near your roof can damage your shingles and can become a way for tr...
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One of the most difficult issues to identify are material defects. These are issues with your roof that your local roofers may have missed during installation. These defects are commonly checked by an inspector and, in some cases, by somebody with more expertise (such as a structural engineer). The identification of what constitutes a material defect is largely dependent on the inspector’s review, though careful examination may yield some results. Empire Contractors LLC explains more. What...
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December 2018
Strong winds are a leading cause of roofing issues. Wind damage inspection starts at the ground-level. To do this, roofers need to look for wind-caused collateral damage, including damage to the home's elevation. It's basically everything visible when you stand back and inspect the side of the home. Collateral damage also includes furniture in the yard. Empire Contractors LLC can do a thorough wind damage inspection of your roof. Elevation Damage Roofing materials you find on the ground mos...
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June 2018
Homeowners in need of roofing services look hard for companies they can trust, and for good reason. Contractors that offer quality service and reasonable prices can make a difference to your home and you pocketbook. To find the best service, look no further than your local roofers. Here’s why they are the best fit for the job. Local Roofers Know Better It may be tempting to base your decision on how big the name is, but you should know that isn’t always an assurance you’ll get what...
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