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December 2020
Depending on the material, roofs can last for 25 years (in the case of asphalt shingles) and as long as 100 years (for slate roofing). While they have a specific projected lifespan, not all will actually last as long as expected. From storm damage to general decay and lack of maintenance, there are many factors that can contribute to reducing your roof’s service life.  In this post, Empire Contractors LLC, the leading provider of roofing and siding in the region, shares three simple...
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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about siding? For most people, it’s the curb appeal that it adds to a property. Understandable, since siding covers a huge part of your home’s exterior. What many fail to realize is that siding also has a significant impact on the interior.  Empire Contractors LLC, one of the leading providers of residential and commercial roof coatings in the region, shares some insights on how siding makes your indoor spaces safe and more co...
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October 2020
The wind blowing on the roof of your home isn’t something to be worried about, especially if it’s built by trusted professionals such as the local roofers at Empire Contractors LLC. However, there are extreme weather events that make wind a force so strong that it can severely damage most modern roofing systems.  To understand how wind can damage your home’s roof, here’s what you need to know: Direct and Indirect Damage  Wind damage can be broken down into direct and indirect types. Dir...
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October 2019
Even something as simple as your roof’s color can increase its cost. Naturally, more expensive roof colors give you more benefits. Empire Contractors LLC, one of the most trusted local roofers, gives you an overview of the different metal roof colors and their advantages below. Premium Metal Roof Colors Want more flexibility with your design choice? Try looking at premium colors. Some manufacturers and hardware stores allow you to mix colors to create a customized shades and hues. However, pain...
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