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Empire Contractors LLC is wholly committed to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers when it comes to their roofing, siding, and gutters projects. That is why our team is made up of astute professionals with ample years of industry experience. Together, they have built and maintained a stellar reputation for quality products, excellent workmanship, and customer service like no other.


Patrick Oliverio

Before I helped co-found Empire Contractors LLC, I worked for one of the biggest roofing companies in the city. I had a drive to educate myself with knowledge and proper techniques within our industry. With this motivation and drive, I quickly became one of the leading sales representatives within the company. Within a short time-frame, I had amounted over a million dollars in sales. This is what lead me to the position to start Empire Contractors LLC.

I have always wanted to own and operate a business because I enjoy helping build and create something that is bigger than myself. I have never shied away from responsibility so when I helped form Empire, I made it my responsibility to ensure that we would develop a business that at its core would put the experience and professionalism you deserve as a customer first. I have always had a personal motto to never be content and that you should always strive to improve. We as a business have the same outlook to improve ourselves and your experience with us daily. I have enjoyed helping mold a company that has high standards and helps conquer the stigma that has been associated with most contractors not only for our company but for our industry and for you as a consumer.


Mark Taylor

I’ve always been interested in construction since I was a young boy growing up in the outskirts of Cincinnati; building tree-houses in the woods for fun, assembling birdhouses in Boy Scouts, then in high school designing and building a bridge from popsicle sticks. This led to my acceptance into the University of Cincinnati’s aerospace engineering program.

My path took many turns, and after living and teaching halfway around the world in the far east, graduating college, and helping rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, I ended up back in Cincinnati.

We are a company that understands the fundamentals of exterior water management and can express the rationale behind proper techniques. We offers our clients the information they need to make best decision for their very unique situation.

Brian McMahan / Co Owner

I am an inspector, estimator and project manager. Our tall and steep team always says, “If Brian won’t get on the roof to inspect it, no-one should!” I have a background as a training coordinator of management personnel. I am proud to be born and raised in Cincinnati. The thing I love most about my job are the varieties of different people and places I discover everyday in our amazing Queen City. There is truly nothing more satisfying than being able to share the gifts I’ve been given to help folks. Every Home is an Empire.

Michael Bessner / General Contractor

I have worked with Empire since 2013. I personally enjoy the diversity of the jobs we handle at Empire. Each workday is something different, from silicone roofing systems to old home rehab. Roofing is a relatively new industry for me, although I’ve been around construction for most of my life. I started doing data networking back when we still used landlines. Having recently returned to Cincinnati it’s nice to see her grow and watch the neighborhoods come back together. I’m excited to see new life downtown and the return of Over the Rhine.

Adam Ruehl / Foreman

I’ve enjoyed my time being a foreman with Empire Contractors for over a year now. I take pride in providing customers with the quality experience and craftsmanship we deliver. I’ve personally been around residential and commercial roofing since I was 15 years old. I have also trained as a firefighter and EMT. I’ve been a Cincinnatian my entire life. My hobbies include: camping and hiking at Red River Gorge, golfing, fishing, skiing, boating, canoeing, and anything outdoors.

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