What Happens When You Don't Clean Your Gutters?

Your shingles are your first line of defense against the impact of pouring rain and snow. They protect the deck from being exposed to the heat of the sun. The underlayment, or roof membrane, shields your deck against water damage such as rotting and leaks. And then, there’s the gutter, which is basically the drainage system of the roofing system. Gutters eliminate debris and water to prevent them from accumulating over time. 

All of the parts work together to form a sustainable system. But when a single part fails or malfunctions, the entire system will be compromised or collapse, requiring the assistance of residential roofing services

The gutters, for example, should work properly to eliminate debris and water on the roof. But when it clogs, debris can accumulate, leading to the growth of mold, vegetation, infestation and corrosion of roofing parts. 

This is why it’s very important to clean your gutters regularly. Otherwise, you could be facing more difficult problems along the way, such as:

  1. Bugs Everywhere

The moisture that can accumulate on your roof is a good breeding ground for bugs and insects. From termites and earwigs to deadly mosquitoes and cockroaches. A damp gutter full of dirt will be a safe haven to all these, and they can expand their territories to other parts of your house. 

  1. Molds and Vegetation

If you plan to start a garden of molds and fungi in your roof, don’t clean your gutters. That’s a great way to cultivate germs and bacteria. You just need a few days before dirt accumulates into mud and you’ll have yourself a nice garden up there. But if you don’t want any of this to happen, call your local roofers for quick roofing maintenance. 

  1. More Expenses

Dirt and water, when combined, can destroy even the strongest roofing material. So you can imagine what will happen if your gutter continues to collect garbage over a long period of time. Mold can infiltrate the roofline and metal materials can easily corrode, leading to more roof repair or replacement expenses, which could otherwise be prevented with a well-maintained gutter. 

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