Factors That Determine the Cost of Your Roof Replacement

A roof replacement project is a significant investment. It involves several factors that ultimately affect the final cost. These factors include the warranty, type of shingles, the installation method, square footage, building codes, the brand of shingles, the manufacturer specs and the weather.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Your Roof Replacement

These factors can be divided into things that you can’t change and things that you can control. Understanding this can help you determine how much value you are getting from your project. Empire Contractors, one of the top local roofers, explains more here:

Factors That Affect Your Roof Replacement Cost

Your roofing system has certain engineering and code requirements that you can’t change, and these requirements affect the final cost of your replacement. For instance, the coverage area and steepness of your roof are two of the biggest factors determining cost. The larger the coverage area, and the steeper the pitch of your roof, the higher the cost of replacement. This is because steeper and larger roofs require more intensive staging, labor and safety to replace properly.

However, there are many other things that will determine the price of your roof replacement. For instance, the quality of the residential roofing services you choose for your project. In general, you will get what you pay for. This is important because the quality of your roof installation will determine the performance and life span of your new roof. Aside from choosing your contractor, it is also up to you to choose roofing materials and products that fit your budget and your lifestyle goals.

Why It’s Important to Choose Quality

If you want a new roof that will make your home more beautiful and protect your home from bad weather for many years, then we urge you not to take the cheapest bid. The low price you pay now can end up costing you more in the future. This is because low quality materials and poor workmanship can lead to a higher frequency of roof repairs and an early roof replacement.

When you add up the costs of repairing your roof and an early roof failure, you will find that you ended up paying a lot more in total, even if the initial roof replacement cost was quite low. Investing in higher quality products and services means that your roof will last a lot longer and perform better.

Empire Contractors is the leading choice for commercial roof coatings, residential roof replacements and more in our local area. We are wholly committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers when it comes to their projects. During our initial consultation, we will take the time to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. We serve many areas, including Cincinnati, OH. Call us at (513) 409-0880 to learn more about roof replacement costs. You can also ask for a free inspection.


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