Choosing Color Combinations for Your Home

Your home's roofing and siding play a vital role in its overall curb appeal. Their color and style work together to give your home a unique look that can impress your neighbors and also improve its value.

Choosing Color Combinations for Your Home

We put together some combinations you may want to try with your next remodel. Note that while the emphases are on the roofing and siding, these combinations can also be used on the other exterior elements of your home.

White Trim and Dark Colors

White trim around the darker areas of your home can be visually appealing. Whether around your window frames or gutters, the trim can act as a neutralizer. This leaves you free to choose darker colors for the roof, like black or gray, and siding, like seafoam blue and muted green. This contrast allows the colors to achieve balance.

Three Color Palettes

One of the most consistent color scheme strategy for homes is the rule of three. This is because choosing one color can result in drab, lifeless uniformity. Meanwhile, using five or more colors can result in a clashing visual that ruins the overall image.

By limiting your palette choice to three hues, you can give your home some variety while limiting yourself to colors or shades that complement each other. The best implementation of this color scheme starts with choosing one color as the emphasis of the entire home. The remaining colors act as a gentle counterbalance to make the primary color stand out.

Dark or Light Shading

When you decide on a color, you can achieve some level of variation by keeping the color uniform but playing with the shade. For example, you can choose dark red siding and orange or brown roofs. While it retains the dark colors, the slight differences in shading can make it look less muted without appearing garish.

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