Are Rain Diverters Substitutes for Gutters?

Gutters direct water away from your home to prevent water and structural damage on your home’s exterior. However, there are areas of the house where gutters can’t be installed and that’s when rain diverters come in handy. In today’s post, your trusted provider of residential roofing services, Empire Contractors LLC, discusses what rain diverters are and if they can substitute gutters.

Rain Diverters

Rain diverters can be installed on areas below the roof that you want to protect from flowing water. They have formed strips of metal that are slipped beneath the roof and divert water sideways. Diverters are usually used on roofs above entryways, shifting water away from the doorway.

It’s recommended to install rain diverters to direct water into the gutters in the left and right of the roof projection. However, some find rain diverters unsightly because they interrupt the uniformity of a roof. During winter, ice dams can form in rain diverters but this shouldn’t be an issue if your roof is sufficiently insulated. For your safety, have your local roofers install your gutters or rain diverters. 

Are They Gutter Substitutes?

Gutters and rain diverters don’t work the same. A diverter can only direct water sideways while gutters move water down and away from the house. Rain diverters are just a possible solution for areas of the house where gutters could be an eyesore. 

The stability of the soil around a property can be compromised without the presence of gutters. You can also face foundation issues, flooding in the basement, water damage to siding, cracking of sidewalks and damaged exterior doors and windows. Make sure that your gutters are properly installed and regularly maintained to avoid costly home repairs. 

Hire a reputable contractor like Empire Contractors LLC for all your gutter needs. We offer commercial roof coatings, siding replacement, gutter protection and more. Call us at (513) 409-0880 or fill out our online form for a free inspection. We cater to homeowners in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas. 


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