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December 2020
Depending on the material, roofs can last for 25 years (in the case of asphalt shingles) and as long as 100 years (for slate roofing). While they have a specific projected lifespan, not all will actually last as long as expected. From storm damage to general decay and lack of maintenance, there are many factors that can contribute to reducing your roof’s service life.  In this post, Empire Contractors LLC, the leading provider of roofing and siding in the region, shares three simple...
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November 2020
Installing the gutter system requires some degree of skill, the right equipment and proper planning. Unfortunately, inexperienced people lack one or more of the three, causing them to make crucial installation mistakes that can ruin an otherwise good gutter. Here are four common mistakes as explained by the best local roofers in the area, as well as their effect on a gutter’s performance. 1. Picking the Wrong Gutter Size You may think that bigger is always better but a gutter’s size can h...
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October 2020
As one of the best roofing companies in the area, Empire Contractors LLC only wants what’s best for your home. If you want your gutters to work as effectively as it should, then you need to have it maintained and cared for regularly. Keeping your gutters clean also prevents any minor problems from compromising them later on. We’ve also shared below other useful tips to keep your gutters from getting damaged:  Snow and Ice It’s dangerous for snow and ice to melt on your roof, flow down to y...
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December 2019
Every roof deserves the right care and that includes choosing the right gutter system. Having a good gutter system offers plenty of advantages, such as good water drainage and a drier exterior. If you are looking to replace your gutters this season, your trusted local roofers from Empire Contractors LLC suggest you give seamless gutters a try. Below are four main reasons you should: Seamless Gutters Are Not Attention-Seekers Unlike other types, seamless gutters have no gaps and therefo...
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July 2019
Gutters direct water away from your home to prevent water and structural damage on your home’s exterior. However, there are areas of the house where gutters can’t be installed and that’s when rain diverters come in handy. In today’s post, your trusted provider of residential roofing services, Empire Contractors LLC, discusses what rain diverters are and if they can substitute gutters.Rain DivertersRain diverters can be installed on areas below the roof that you want to protect from flowing w...
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October 2018
The roofing and siding systems work together to bring a colorful scheme to your home. However, it’s important that they blend or contrast well. With a proper color palette, your home can become a work of art. Here are some suggested combinations that you can try on your next remodeling project. Black and Red Red is a strong, prominent primary color. Having it on your siding will make your home stand out. It could even make the residence look larger than it is. Black roofs and trims, acco...
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May 2017
When you’re planning to do a home improvement, you need to consider its potential effect on your house’s curb appeal and frontage, too. There are some that add more value to your home than others, and these are the projects that you should prioritize. Empire Contractors, LLC discusses these home improvement projects in detail. Repair or Replace your Roofing Your roofing actually contributes to around 40% of your home’s frontage and overall curb appeal. Its general appearance is dependent on...
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