Color Combinations for Roofs and Siding

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The roofing and siding systems work together to bring a colorful scheme to your home. However, it’s important that they blend or contrast well. With a proper color palette, your home can become a work of art. Here are some suggested combinations that you can try on your next remodeling project.

Color Combinations for Roofs and Siding

Black and Red

Red is a strong, prominent primary color. Having it on your siding will make your home stand out. It could even make the residence look larger than it is. Black roofs and trims, accompanied by white lines, can help accentuate the red.

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue, when done in the right shades, can turn your home into a bold attraction. The trick is to make one shade more prominent, to avoid overpowering the senses. For example, soft blue shades work well with golden siding.

Gray and Blue

Gray is a neutral color, able to blend with any other combination. This makes it a useful choice. With a prominent blue to make the roof stand out, your home will look like a tranquil and rustic environment.

Black and White

One of the most consistent color schemes for all homes, black and white is an obvious choice. The appeal is that it never looks bad, and never goes out of style. Remember to space them properly, especially when you add color to the rest of your home. For example, white gutters and siding work well with a black roof.

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