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December 2020
Depending on the material, roofs can last for 25 years (in the case of asphalt shingles) and as long as 100 years (for slate roofing). While they have a specific projected lifespan, not all will actually last as long as expected. From storm damage to general decay and lack of maintenance, there are many factors that can contribute to reducing your roof’s service life.  In this post, Empire Contractors LLC, the leading provider of roofing and siding in the region, shares three simple...
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October 2020
As one of the best roofing companies in the area, Empire Contractors LLC only wants what’s best for your home. If you want your gutters to work as effectively as it should, then you need to have it maintained and cared for regularly. Keeping your gutters clean also prevents any minor problems from compromising them later on. We’ve also shared below other useful tips to keep your gutters from getting damaged:  Snow and Ice It’s dangerous for snow and ice to melt on your roof, flow down to y...
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September 2020
It’s important to take care of your home’s vinyl siding, but you have to be careful when it comes to maintenance. You have to make sure that what you’re doing doesn’t inadvertently cause harm to your siding. This is why our siding and roofing experts are here to give you a rundown of a few do's and don’ts of vinyl siding maintenance. Do Clean It Regularly A lot of siding damage can be caused by too much dirt buildup. The accumulated debris can absorb water or attract mold that can le...
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April 2020
If you want to protect your home from the elements, you won’t only be needing a good roof but durable siding as well. There are multiple siding options to choose from, but one of the most popular choices is the vinyl siding. Empire Contractors LLC installs high-quality siding on homes throughout Cincinnati, Ohio. If you’re looking for a vinyl siding for your home, here are four major benefits you will enjoy. 1. Affordable Vinyl is the go-to siding material for most homeowners because of it...
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November 2019
Insulated vinyl is a cost-effective siding option that can also help you save on HVAC costs. Unlike traditional vinyl siding, it increases the R-value of your home, which means lower yearly energy bills. It’s also available in a wide range of colors that require very little maintenance. Learn more about why you should choose insulated vinyl siding for your home from local roofers and siding installers. Energy EfficiencyWith insulated vinyl siding, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard....
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October 2019
Vinyl siding is cost-effective and durable. It’s a shame that a lot of homeowners are missing out on what it has to offer. This is mostly due to exaggerated claims about vinyl siding’s disadvantages. The roofing experts at Empire Contractors LLC debunk the most common myths about vinyl below. Vinyl Siding Ruins Your Curb AppealSome don't like vinyl’s characteristically vibrant colors. However, its design options aren’t limited to bright colors. Manufacturers have been producing premium vinyl...
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August 2019
If it’s your first time to remodel your home or replace your siding, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. Obviously, you’ll need a plan — but where exactly do you begin? Thanks to the Internet, you have abundant resources to help you plan your home improvement project. The best thing is that many of them are free for you to use. In this article, Empire Contractors LLC, a locally owned business offering residential roofing services, shares three online resources that will h...
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May 2019
Maintaining your home’s exterior is a must for every homeowner. It’s the first thing your neighbors will see when they pass by. From the roofing system to the landscaping, a well-maintained exterior can work wonders for your curb appeal and your home’s overall property. Unfortunately, there are times where you lack either the time or money to maintain your home’s exterior. In this post, Empire Contractors LLC discusses the hassle-free ways you can maintain your home’s curb appeal. Upd...
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October 2018
The roofing and siding systems work together to bring a colorful scheme to your home. However, it’s important that they blend or contrast well. With a proper color palette, your home can become a work of art. Here are some suggested combinations that you can try on your next remodeling project. Black and Red Red is a strong, prominent primary color. Having it on your siding will make your home stand out. It could even make the residence look larger than it is. Black roofs and trims, acco...
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March 2018
By the time you read this, spring will be upon us, which means it’s time to freshen up your home. There’s never a better season to get some home improvements done to update your home’s exterior. Here are some of our recommended projects: Roof Replacement – If you’re starting to experience problems with your roofing – leaks, heat loss, damage – then it’s about time you have your roof replaced this spring. A new and efficient roof doesn’t just protect you from rain and sno...
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