Open Vs. Closed: A Comparative Study on Roof Valleys

Your roof is responsible for shielding your home against inclement weather. It is imperative that your roofing stays in tip-top shape, including all of its components. Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of your roof is the valley. That is why in this post, expert roofers Empire Contractors discusses the difference between a closed and open valley. 
Open Vs. Closed: A Comparative Study on Roof Valleys

What Is a Roof Valley?

You may be wondering what a roof valley is. It is simply the “V” shaped channel that can be found in the ‘folds’ of a roof. According to home improvement experts, this area presents the serious aspect of how much excess water it allows to pass through. The roof valley is the area wherein the roof drains water, channeling it towards your roof’s exterior. This important function makes the construction of the roof valley very essential to the entire system.

What Is an Open Valley?

An open valley has a layer (usually metal, steel or cooper) that is tucked into the roof deck. Some people say that an open valley system tends to last longer than closed valleys. Its additional layer of metal makes it shed water and snow swiftly. With this feature, your siding is safe and protected from water damage. Another thing that makes open valley preferred over closed is its appearance. It has a unique aesthetic and can also be painted as to your liking, if you want to match the color scheme in your home. 

What Is a Closed Valley?

As for closed valley, this option has become quite popular among roofers. A closed valley system is easy and quick to install. Moreover, a closed valley does not require many materials. Additionally, a closed constructed valley offers sound aesthetics minus the cost. It obscures the lining of the valley, allowing your roof planes look unified. From afar, you can see your gutters, valleys, and entire roof system blending well together.

Hopefully, we were able to help you understand what valleys do and how open and close differ from each other. Get in touch with Empire Contractors, LLC to learn more about roofing. You can reach us at (513) 244 2200 or fill out our contact form. Our service covers Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas.


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