Do’s and Dont’s of Dealing With a Home Insurance Adjuster

Insurance claims might be helpful in the event your home incurs storm damage or for residential roofing services, but before you can claim the money from your home insurance company, you’ll have to deal with one important person: your home insurance adjuster. Home insurance adjusters inspect your home, evaluate the damage it has sustained and decide how much money the insurance company will pay for your property to be restored. Do’s and Dont’s of Dealing With a Home Insurance Adjuster While the thought of someone paying for your repairs is nice, the reality is that insurance adjusters are there to make sure the insurance company pays the lowest amount it can legally. They are not on your side; they are for your home insurance company. One of the area’s local roofers, Empire Contractors LLC, shares a few things to remember: Don’t Be Intimidated Insurance adjusters are experienced in what they do. They will try to make the lowest possible offer, and if you reject that, they will make another low offer made to sound “reasonable.” Keep in mind that you own your home and you know what your home needs to be restored. Don’t be intimidated. Do Remember That You Have the Upper Hand Your contract with the home insurance company covers certain damages. If the insurance company refuses to cover the expenses of repairs for damages included in your agreement, or at least stalls in an attempt to persuade you into accepting a low offer, they could be sued for acting in bad faith. If you think they’re acting in bad faith, you can consider hiring a public adjuster to help you. Don’t Be Hasty Adjusters aim to end negotiations fast, and for the lowest amount. Make sure to avoid saying anything that can be used against you, avoid making settlements and avoid signing any document without properly understanding everything. Don’t Go Overboard Although insurance adjusters work for the insurance company’s best interest, you will still need to cooperate with your insurance company when making insurance claims. Trust Empire Contractors LLC to help you with your insurance claims. We are the leading local roofers in Cincinnati, OH, and our experts can help you obtain the compensation you will need to have your home restored to its original state. Call us at (513) 409-0880 today for a free, no-obligation quote. We also offer commercial roof coatings.


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