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November 2020
Installing the gutter system requires some degree of skill, the right equipment and proper planning. Unfortunately, inexperienced people lack one or more of the three, causing them to make crucial installation mistakes that can ruin an otherwise good gutter. Here are four common mistakes as explained by the best local roofers in the area, as well as their effect on a gutter’s performance. 1. Picking the Wrong Gutter Size You may think that bigger is always better but a gutter’s size can h...
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January 2018
Home improvement projects can be seasonal; it’s a little-known fact that some months are better to start your home additions and repairs than others. Many homeowners prefer the fall months for home improvement, but winter is also a good time do your roofing projects (with a few precautions, of course). In this post, we explain why winter is the best time to tackle certain home improvement projects. Winter Has Fewer Rainy Days Spring tends to be an unpredictable season despite its more ...
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October 2017
Water damage is arguably the biggest threat to your home, and it starts from the simplest things. A leak on the roof can spread damage to your attic and interior, while a clogged gutter can cause water to overflow and pool around your foundation. Since it’s usually hard to detect water damage until it has already wreaked havoc in your home, by the time it’s evident, you’ll be facing costly repair expenses. Fortunately, you can do several things to improve your home’s protection. Empire Con...
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