Is Winter a Good Time for Home Improvement?

Home improvement projects can be seasonal; it’s a little-known fact that some months are better to start your home additions and repairs than others. Many homeowners prefer the fall months for home improvement, but winter is also a good time do your roofing projects (with a few precautions, of course).

Is Winter a Good Time for Home Improvement?

In this post, we explain why winter is the best time to tackle certain home improvement projects.

Winter Has Fewer Rainy Days

Spring tends to be an unpredictable season despite its more “favorable” conditions. Rainy days are frequent, which is a bad thing if you’re trying to avoid delays to your addition or new roof installation. On the other hand, winter has fewer days where precipitation is an issue. Take note, however, that some tools, especially automated ones, are affected by too much cold, and it’s never a good idea to tear off the old roof when it’s snowing.

The Air Is Drier

One of the dangers of repairing or replacing your roof during humid seasons is that moisture in the air can affect your new roof even before it’s installed. Since the air is drier during winter, there’s less risk to install and repair roofs. Similarly, it’s also better to install siding during the winter months since there’s no heavy moisture in the air that can affect the performance of your new exterior wall cover.

Winter Is Less Busy

One reason winter is a good time to do home and roofing projects is that it’s less busy compared to the other seasons. Home improvement tends to peak in summer. If you try to schedule your project during these busy times, you might be waiting in a queue, which can delay your project considerably. In winter, fewer people are doing similar improvements to their home, which means contractors are freer to engage in a project.

At Empire Contractors LLC, we can help you get starting on your winter project. Whether your roof needs repair work or new gutters installed, we’ll make sure your project stays on track. Get in touch with our professional team at (513) 409-0880. We offer our services throughout Cincinnati, OH.


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