Four Common Gutter Installation Mistakes

Installing the gutter system requires some degree of skill, the right equipment and proper planning. Unfortunately, inexperienced people lack one or more of the three, causing them to make crucial installation mistakes that can ruin an otherwise good gutter. Here are four common mistakes as explained by the best local roofers in the area, as well as their effect on a gutter’s performance.

Gutter installation mistakes by inexperienced local roofers

1. Picking the Wrong Gutter Size

You may think that bigger is always better but a gutter’s size can have a big effect on its performance. For example, oversized gutters tend to cause water runoff to pool up along the bottom of the trough, On the other hand undersized gutters are prone to overflowing. Experts suggest consulting a specialist to determine the perfect gutter size according to your area’s climate and average rainfall.

2. Choosing the Wrong Gutter Type

According to residential roofing services experts, today’s gutters are classified as either k-style or rounded gutters. While a k-style option is generally considered the more versatile option, you may prefer the aesthetics of a round gutter instead. However, you have to keep in mind that measurements of k-style and pounded gutters can have different effects on their performance. If you use the wrong measurements for the wrong gutter type, you could end up with sizing issues.

3. Poor Spacing or Measurements During Installation

Whether you’re getting seamless gutters or going for sectioned ones, you have to pay extra attention to the measurements prior to bolting down anything. For sectioned gutters, poorly-measured spacers can cause misalignments and poor structural strength, while custom seamless gutters could end up being a tad too long or too short when cut and molded if the measurements are messed up.

4. Eyeballing Gutter Placement

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes during installation, half-guessing the gutter’s placement can lead to catastrophic results once the gutter is in place. According to experts in gutters and commercial roof coatings, gutters have to be placed a few inches under the edge of the roof instead of being directly along the edge. This is to account for water having the tendency to get drawn towards the roof as it drips from the edge.

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