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March 2020
Spring is finally here. But before you know it, the season’s storms will already be raining down on your roof, hard and relentless. So what are you going to do to protect your home, especially your roofing system which will take the brunt of it? It’s going to be a battle, and you know it, so you will need to get your roof ready as early as now. That said, this will be a job for the pros. In this post, we’ll share some ways you can better prepare your home for the coming spring storms. Roof...
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December 2019
Every roof deserves the right care and that includes choosing the right gutter system. Having a good gutter system offers plenty of advantages, such as good water drainage and a drier exterior. If you are looking to replace your gutters this season, your trusted local roofers from Empire Contractors LLC suggest you give seamless gutters a try. Below are four main reasons you should: Seamless Gutters Are Not Attention-Seekers Unlike other types, seamless gutters have no gaps and therefo...
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October 2019
Even something as simple as your roof’s color can increase its cost. Naturally, more expensive roof colors give you more benefits. Empire Contractors LLC, one of the most trusted local roofers, gives you an overview of the different metal roof colors and their advantages below. Premium Metal Roof Colors Want more flexibility with your design choice? Try looking at premium colors. Some manufacturers and hardware stores allow you to mix colors to create a customized shades and hues. However, pain...
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