Navigating the Insurance Claims Process After a Storm

Extreme weather conditions and other natural disasters are unavoidable, especially considering the volatile climate we are experiencing. Because of this, the risk of damage to our homes is increasing as well. As a homeowner, it is important to consult your insurance company or contractor to get the monetary help you need and prevent you from spending unnecessarily from your own pocket to fix damages after a heavy storm. However, to navigate the process can be confusing and often time-consuming. Empire Contractors LLC, your leading home of excellent local roofers, shares how you can easily claim the property’s insurance.

After The Disaster

Before you instinctively clean up the mess after a storm hits your home, it is vital to document first the debris and belongings tarnished before you file a claim. Further inspection will be done by the insurance company once they arrive to your house, and an evaluation for immediate repairs will follow. 

In the meantime, you can make temporary repairs or find storage for your possessions to prevent further destruction of property. Keep all the receipts involved in the process so your insurance company can reimburse the cost. Don’t panic, your local source of residential roofing services should have explained this to you already before purchase.

The Claims Process

Since most insurance companies have protocol regarding the timeframe in which you can report a claim, contact your company as soon as possible. Insurers often send response teams to disaster areas. From then on, they will determine what damages are covered, start your claim, and issue a check to start the recovery process. Keep an inventory of affected items since this will be needed in reporting losses.

The insurer will send an adjuster to document your losses to determine the claims settlement. Payments will then be made even for affected personal properties. However, if there is a mortgage on your home, structural damage payment may be payable to you and the mortgage lender.

It is always advisable to do business with trusted companies. Empire Contractors LLC can help you speed the process of making an insurance claim so you can restore your home quickly. If you also want expert services for commercial roof coatings to gutter protection systems, we’ve got you covered.

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