Why Are Clog-Free Gutters Important?

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Cleaning your gutters is a tiring and stressful task that no homeowner wants to deal with. After all, why would you want to stand on a ladder under the hot sun cleaning your gutters? Neglecting your gutters, however, causes major problems for your home. Empire Contractors LLC, the trusted local expert on gutters, shares the risks of clogged gutters.

Clog-Free Gutters

Foundation Damage

Clogged gutters cause water to overflow along the sides of your home and into your foundation. Water can pool around your foundation, causing fissures, leaks, and mold growth. The flow of water can also damage your siding, causing peeling and cracks.

The presence of water on the ground also causes the soil to shift, creating an unstable base for your foundation. Keeping your gutters clean and clog-free means that rainwater can flow through them and into your downspouts.  

Wood Damage

The presence of water and debris on your gutters adds weight to the system and puts extra pressure on it. This causes your gutters to break away from the fascia boards connecting them to your roofline. Once water has seeped through, it can enter your interior and cause major damage.

Protect your roofing and interior by investing in proper gutter maintenance. We offer a quality gutter protection system that reduces the need for cleaning by keeping leaves and all debris out of your gutters.

Landscape Damage

Heavy waterflow also damages your landscaping. Any flowerbeds and small shrubs near your home’s foundation experiences the sudden downpour from your gutter system. While there are some plants that can withstand this kind of waterfall, most greeneries can’t survive the oversaturation of water.  

Keep your home’s siding and roofing system safe and dry by turning to Empire Contractors LLC. Our Leaf Relief gutter protection system can keep your gutters clog-free without regular maintenance. We serve communities in Cincinnati and nearby OH areas. To learn more about our gutter services, call us at (513) 244-2200. You can even get a free estimate.


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