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October 2019
While it doesn’t happen often, roofing projects can get delayed by one or more causes, and therefore should be anticipated. In this blog, Empire Contractors LLC takes a look at the common types of roofing delays, and how to manage them.Roofing DelaysThere are various reasons that a roofing project can be delayed, many of which can be avoided. Others, like the following, are not as easy to avoid, and should be planned for:Inclement Weather — There are many reasons  a summer-to-early-fall slot i...
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December 2017
When it comes to home improvement projects, the easiest part is usually knowing what you want. Everything else that comes after, including planning, budgeting and decision-making, can be stressful. Fortunately, there are ways to make these tasks easier. Empire Contractors, the area's leading roofing contractor, shares tips to help you create a proper budget for your projects: Prioritize Although you already know the changes you want to see in your home, that doesn’t mean they should be the fi...
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