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March 2018
By the time you read this, spring will be upon us, which means it’s time to freshen up your home. There’s never a better season to get some home improvements done to update your home’s exterior. Here are some of our recommended projects: Roof Replacement – If you’re starting to experience problems with your roofing – leaks, heat loss, damage – then it’s about time you have your roof replaced this spring. A new and efficient roof doesn’t just protect you from rain and sno...
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Processing storm damage insurance claims is perhaps the most complicated part of dealing with the aftermath of a storm. While most of the work is done between your insurance provider and your chosen local roofers, knowing how it works can help manage your expectations and let you focus on your family’s safety and shelter. Here are some of the things you should know about storm damage insurance claims. Document Everything Once you have reported the situation to your insurance pro...
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February 2018
It’s important to understand the difference between price and cost when it comes to your siding, roofing or other home remodeling project. Price is what you pay initially and what you see when a company gives you an estimate. Cost is the total cost of owning a product and this includes the costs for installing, repairing, maintaining and eventually replacing it. A project might have a low price, but it may also have a high cost. Empire Contractors explains more: Understanding Total Lif...
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January 2018
A roofing project is probably the single most expensive thing you’ll have to invest in, so it’s important to make the right choice when you’re hiring from your pool of local roofers. This is where online reviews come in; they’re an important tool that will help you decide if your prospective roofer fits your project. Empire Contractors discusses more. What Reviews Say Reading a review online gives you insight as to how well your prospective roofer will actually do their work. It’...
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December 2017
When it comes to home improvement projects, the easiest part is usually knowing what you want. Everything else that comes after, including planning, budgeting and decision-making, can be stressful. Fortunately, there are ways to make these tasks easier. Empire Contractors, the area's leading roofing contractor, shares tips to help you create a proper budget for your projects: Prioritize Although you already know the changes you want to see in your home, that doesn’t mean they should be the fi...
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Finding reliable roofers for your project is hard enough with the number of professionals offering their services, but add storm chasers to the equation and it can be almost impossible to choose. Their attractive low estimates and promises of speedy service can sometimes seem irresistible but you are much better off selecting a local roofer. Working with a storm chaser is a waste of your time and money, as they rarely deliver what they promise. To avoid the risks of working with these so-called...
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